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my weekend英语作文8句话五年级

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  这个星期天,天气非常得暖和,如何写一篇周末的英语作文呢?下面是师哈哈网小编给大家精心挑选的my weekend英语作文8句话五年级希望大家喜欢!供你参考和阅读!
my weekend英语作文篇1  This afternoon, our class male students automatically organized a football match, I am no exception, but also to play football! For the unit, we hand hand back into two teams. Yu Dafei is the captain of our team, I was picked to become a center, which is what I have long been looking forward to. Before the game, we each know their team members.
  The game began, "toot" a sound, first we serve, I and Yan Zhihua came to the midline, waiting to serve.
  Serve, and made very good, just hit the other side of the door, Yan Zhihua breath went to the restricted area, the other goalkeeper Zhang Yong did not react, Yan Zhihua immediately came under a spin ball, just from Zhang Yong's crotch rushed Goal, the ball after a long time, Zhang Yong was to react, can be too late The other side Zhang Yong serve, Zhang Yong, but our famous Hercules, his hair, so far, I thought they must enter the door, but did not expect is that the ball made the community, "ha ha, ha ha ... ... ", we all laughed, this time I made a free kick, it is my time to show their talents, I am hard kick, the ball played far away, wanted to enter, but the ball hit the door , The bomb came back, I saw the ball has been attacked by the other half, I hurried to bar, but was the other mix, and only listen to the referee "toot" whistle, the audience are stopped the game, Referee "Li Zhiguang," said: "Just he was mixed should give you team to remember a yellow card, and then punished a penalty." Our team members are happy to jump up. The play is: our full-year famous generals in the fly, he kicked the ball into the door.
  Then, on the shanty rostrum, the squad leader Lee Chi-kwong announced: the game A group won the championship.
  "Our team won the championship!" We were happy to jump up.
my weekend英语作文篇2  Weekend there will be many happy and interesting things, a summer weekend, my father and mother came home not far from the small stream to spend a happy weekend ... ...
  That afternoon, sky blue, cloudless, warm sunshine on the people who, very comfortable. I stay at home bored, think about it, or go to the creek to catch fish, catch shrimp it. I told my mom and dad, they smiled and said in unison: "Come on!" I am very happy, immediately from the box to find a small fish net and a small plastic bucket, and then put on my shorts, sandals, And father and mother started.
  One to the small stream, greeted into a clear bottom of the creek, in the sun shine, the water sparkling. I can not help the hearts of joy, all of a sudden jump into the brook. That was a calm stream, I was sparks scattered, "rough", the water splashed a father and mother, but fortunately summer. The fish was also scared to swim to another place, and I rush past, they fled without a trace. I am very depressed, my father said: "hurry to eat hot tofu, you are so frivolous, the fish is not you scared away." Finished my father began to show me, I saw him gently put his feet into the water, slowly To a fish near, that fish just want to run, can be said that late when the father out of the hands of a small fish net a scoop, the fish will fall into the "magic net". Dad put the slender fish into the barrel filled with water, let it cheerfully jump. Then, I learned my father, slowly to a shrimp close to the shrimp really like a seventy years old, swim slowly. I smiled proudly, to the little shrimp over his hand, Oh, my hand was caught by it, so hard, I forced to walk away, want to get rid of it and can not afford to shake off, my father hurried over, the shrimp The pliers break apart, only my hand "rescue" out, I relieved, if the folder for a little while, the hand will certainly bleed. Take advantage of that little shrimp has not escaped, I quietly keep up, hand pinch it back, it will not clip me now, ha ha, see it struggling in my hands look like, I said to it : "Shrimp Yeah, you have today, just too hard for me." Finished, I called my father to open the keg, this will only "hateful" shrimp lost into it. After a long time, we have caught a bucket of fish shrimp children, tonight they are our food myself.
  After returning home, my father and mother together hands, cooking a delicious whole fish and shrimp feast.
  It was a happy weekend.
my weekend英语作文篇3  We came to the East Jing levee, looking at this beautiful scenery, we are very happy. Blue sky, clear river, and that endless grass and that lush woods, a look is a good place for camping leisure. When we are enjoying this beautiful nature, suddenly a burst of frogs aroused our attention, we found the field there are many many toad, so I and my few partners out of curiosity, went to the field to catch the frog ...
  Came to the field "wow!" I do not know which called a cry. Originally, this is the countless toad, wow one, we are overjoyed, so decided to a game. We divided into AB two groups, so a thrilling catch toad game began.
  After the start, I am a group of members of the separate action, and soon, I found the grass in a green thing in the beating, I dare not speak out, afraid to scare away, on the other hand, it in the grass in the pit It is not very good to catch it, so it is too wasteful time up, I think ah think ah, suddenly, a good idea in my mind, in the past to catch grasshopper when I just kick with a kick, grasshopper on the whole run Come out, I do not know this move "scrambled snake" to deal with the toad is useless, tube it, try it, I kicked, that frog really vacated and jump to the "road" on the good, and I will hands a cover, it In my mind. I looked at it, it was back with green and white and white pattern, belly on the white, staring at two big eyes. I put it in the cup with my heart and then repeat it. Finally, we group A to 13:12 win over. Look at our victories, we are happy to spend the flowers. I looked at these toad, one by one looking at the sky, as if we were sending SOS distress signal to us, so I said to the little partner, "the teacher is not saying that the frog is beneficial insects? We still put them aside" I Of the little companions for a long time, the last one bent down the cup down to the ground, see the frog one by one jumped out, we are very happy, and those elf bouncing look, it seems to thank us for not Kill ...
  At this time, the field is full of frogs and our joy, that lovely frog with us through this wonderful time





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